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Ty Ku Ultra Premium Junmai Daiginjo White Sake 720ml

#Ty ku White Sake 720ml
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#The Crown Jewel of Sake. TY KU Sake White was voted the best sake in the world. The pinnacle of ultra premium sake, TY KU Sake White is a rare special designation Junmai Daiginjo which represents the very top 3% of all sake. Handcrafted in Yamagata, Japan with over 60% of each rice grain milled away. TY KU Sake White is the gold standard for sake brewing, using only the very best ingredients & techniques and is reserved for the true connoisseur . TY KU Sake White is exceptionally refined and smooth, uniting floral notes with banana and vanilla. Extremely delicate yet rich and supple; hints of spice permeate. TY KU Sake White captivates even the most discerning palate with complex layers of soft citrus. Winner of the Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco Wine Competition and the only beverage in the world ever bestowed with the prestigious 6 Star Diamond Award. TY KU Sake White is hand crafted at the legendary Matsuyama Shuzo Brewery in the world famous Yamagata Prefecture of Japan. With over 150 years and 5 generations of sake brewing experience, Matsuyama Shuzo is Japan's most awarded brewery over the last 20 years. TY KU Sake White is meticulously crafted, filled and bottled by hand. RICE - Yamada Nishiki (best sake rice in the world). Over 60% of rice grain milled away. WATER - Soft and pure iron-free natural spring water from Toyama Mountain, Japan. YEAST - Proprietary blend of the famed #9 and Yamagata yeast strains for fruity aroma. KOJI - Made by hand in the finest traditional cedar-lined koji room. We encourage you to drink TY KU Sake White slightly chilled & served in a wine glass. Refrigerate after opening.

  • Size 720ml
  • Subcategory Sake
  • Producer Ty Ku
  • country Japan