Chambord Gift Set Including Two Glasses 750ml

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"One bottle of Chambord 750ml with two glasses. This is a 33 proof (16%) alcohol by volume liqueur) this drink is very sweet, fruit packed, and fairly low in alcohol. Drink it straight, like a sherry or a port, but it is best consumed mixed with other beverages or even ice cream desserts. This is a raspberry-based liqueur, and is made is small batches using ripe black raspberries. The black raspberries are infused in Cognac that has been barrel aged for a minimum of four years. Other fruits are added to the mixture after the primary infusion of the black raspberries: blackberry, currant, and red raspberry. Some other spices are added, such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger and vanilla, as well as some other extracts from oranges and lemons. None of these flavors are very pronounced. A measure of acacia honey is added to the final mixture, and all is then returned to wood barrels for a short ""marriage"" period to allow the flavors to blend. Color: Very dark purple. Nose: Intense blackberry and raspberry tones. Flavor: red and black raspberry, blackberry; the currant flavor is nearly hidden. "