Hecht and Bannier Languedoc Red 2010 750ml

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"It makes no doubt today that 2010 can be considered among the most exciting vintages of the decade in the South of France. Often seen as gathering the best of the 2 previous vintages: the 08's fresh character and the 09's attractive ripeness, 2010 is a vintage of balance, a vintage of where southern grapes could grow in the best conditions. Unfortunately it will be also the vintage of very limited yields, sometimes close to 20hl/ha. The beginning of the year was quite humid and allowed the water reserves to rebuild whilst a hot and dry summer, favored the berries concentration and maturing. In late august, the cool nights and some rains allowed to complete its maturing cycle in excellent conditions, avoiding any problems of over-ripeness and maintaining the acidity of the berries. 2010 avoids all kind of over ripeness, our Languedoc red is ideally balanced, fresh and concentrated, with acidity and ripe fruit. Our 2010's are juicy, tasty with a crunchy fruit that make them highly quaffable. -Gregory Hecht"