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Tomasello Cranberry Wine 500ml

#Tomasello Cranberry Wine 500ml
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#Tomasello Cranberry Wine is a perfect balance of light sweetness and tart, refreshing cranberry. The color is an intense cranberry red and the aroma enticing, especially when served room temperature. This 100% natural cranberry wine complements an array of foods or can be served alone. Tomasello Cranberry Wine tastes great with a number of traditional foods with which you would typically serve cranberry products. Try our Tomasello Cranberry Wine with Turkey - you'll find that it is the perfect substitute for cranberry sauce. Or serve Tomasello Cranberry Wine chilled with Creamy Cheesecake. The creamy character of the cheese cake is cleansed away by the tart acidity of the Cranberry Wine.

  • Size 500ml
  • Producer Tomasello
  • country United States
  • region New Jersey