Can wine pair with comfort food

The fortunate truth is that there is wine for just about any occasion or mood. When we feel like we need something to lift our spirits or help improve our mood, often we turn to food and drink. Pizza, chocolate, and anything fried often tops our list of comfort foods, and we enjoy these for a variety of occasions. What can help us enjoy these foods more, however, is knowing what types of wine can appropriately be paired with them. You might surprised to discover that favorites such as pizza or meat loaf can be paired with a pleasant pinot noir. If cheese is your craving in a mac’n’cheese, grilled cheese, or other cheesy delight, bring out that cheddar flavor with a nice, dry Cabernet Sauvignon. Another successful pairing could be a buttery chardonnay with popcorn or bananas foster while you’re curled under a blanket watching your favorite flick. And finally, if a big bowl of ice cream hits the spot for you, make sure you grab that bottle of moscato or tawny port as well. If you have a specific craving that you can’t quite match to a wine, try the universally compatible prosecco wine. This wine’s ability to compliment all kinds of comfort food has made it more and more popular in recent years. So whether you’re tucked away underneath a blanket, enjoying a favorite film, or indulging in a midnight snack, there are so many delicious wine selections that surprisingly make comfort foods even more comforting.