Brandy is a liquor produced from distilled wine. It is often high in alcohol content and is typically enjoyed as an after-dinner beverage, at room temperature. Brandy is known to age very well. There are many regional varieties of brandy, including Eau-de-Vie, Plum Brandy, Armagnac, Calvados and Pisco.


Brandy is ranked based on its age. The different designations of brandy are:

A.C, which is aged for two years in wood.

V.S., or "Very Special," aged three years in wood.

V.S.O.P., "Very Special Old Pale," which is aged at least five years in wood.

X.O., or "extra old," which is aged at least six years in wood.

Vintage, which is stored in casks until it is bottled. The label shows the vintage date.

Hors d'Age, or "without age," which is too old for its age to be known, although it is usually ten or more years old.

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