White Wine

When you shop for white wine online, you don't need to pay a premium or sacrifice quality for convenience. The Liquor Store is no normal wine shop; we want your online experience to be as good as our retail experience!


When shopping for your next favorite bottle of white wine, there are a couple important factors to keep in mind. White wines come in many styles and varietals. The body, flavor, and color of white wine can vary because of the type of grape, and whether or not oak is used to age the wine. Generally speaking, the more golden the color of a white wine, the longer the wine has been in oak. White wines that have not been aged in oak will be lighter and crisper in flavor. White wines do not need to be decanted the same way many red wines should, although it still helps to let them breathe.


Dry white wines are aromatic and tangy, while sweet white wines tend to be fruity and rich. White wine is often consumed as an aperitif before a meal, with desserts, or between courses. As a rule, white wine is supposed to feel refreshing and light in the mouth, while red wine tends to feel heavier. White wines are ideal refreshments during warm weather.

Whether you are shopping online for a fine white wine to pair with seafood or a light meal, or whether your tastes lean towards a sweet dessert wine, The Liquor Store has you covered. We stock only the best white wines, from regions that are most suited to them. We encourage you to browse our collection of Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, White Wine Blends and other white wines.

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