Shiraz, sometimes known as Syrah, is a dark-skinned grape grown around the world to makered wine. Legend has it that the Shiraz grape comes from the ancient Iranian city of Shiraz. Shiraz was a great center of winemaking for thousands of years, and had made a reputation for itself for producing some of the finest wines up until the 9th century. Much later the wine was most likely bred in a French region associated with a knight who had brought the Persian vine home from the crusades. This variety continued producing high quality wine in Iran up until 1979, until the Islamic Revolution happened and shut down all the wineries. In current times, Shiraz is an alternative name for the Syrah grape, mostly used in Australia and South Africa. Check out or shop for all of our varieties - we have some of the best Shiraz New York has available. 

The flavor profile of a Shiraz is mostly determined by the climate in which the grapes are grown. It’s generally a medium- to full-bodied wine with a high level of tannins, with notable growing regions in California, South Africa, and Australia. A Shiraz from a medium climate often contains notes of blackberry, black pepper, or mint, while if it's from a hotter climate it will have a consistent, full-bodied flavor with softer tannins, and with a jammy fruit aroma. Shiraz is a red wine that ages very well, and some are only at their best after 15 years or longer in the bottle. Shiraz is also among the wines with the highest recommended serving temperatures, and is considered to be most flavorful at 65°F. Next time you’re purchasing Shiraz in New York, be sure to check our shop for all the varieties.

As for food, Shiraz pairs really well with lamb, goat, and most meats. The jammy flavor profile of Shiraz also goes well with plum sauces, BBQ sauce, raspberry glazes, or any marmalade type dressings on meat or poultry. Just grab some spiced up meats, like sausages and kebabs, or hearty vegetables that roast up nicely on the grill. Any smoky barbecued meats are also the perfect match for Shiraz.For example, a classic Texas slow cooked brisket is a perfect pairing with Shiraz. Brisket tends to be a lean meat that is quite tough when quickly grilled. However, when cooked slowly with a spicy rub, its flavors really shine and are perfectly accented by a slightly spicy Shiraz.

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