The greatest of the clear spirits, vital element to a classic Martini, and the quintessence of G&T, there is so much to know about this flavorsome spirit. Gin is an alcoholic beverage made from grain and enriched with botanicals. The pine flavor in gin comes from juniper berries, which is the main ingredient of this versatile drink.

Traditionally, gin is a Dutch invention that goes by the name ‘jenever’, but the English made this drink popular all over the world. Often prepared by mashing wheat grains, rye, barley, and corn, gin has a neutral base to enhance the botanical aromas. Some get a faintly golden tint owing to specific distilling techniques. Juniper berries form the crux of this spirit, without which, gin can resemble a flavored vodka. The berries are crushed before blending into the alcohol base, releasing a fresh citrus essence. However, the Juniper Berry is in fact not a berry! It looks like one but is actually a female seed of a highly evolved pinecone with fleshy, fused scales.