There is a saying in Oaxaca- ‘For everything bad, there's mezcal, and for everything good too.’ As fancy as it sounds, Mezcal originates from the Aztec language that refers to a traditional Mexican spirit. Made from the maguey plant, mezcal means ‘roasted agave’. Just like many spirits take origins from various destinations, Mezcal has a regional distinction too. More than 90% of the world's mezcal is produced in Oaxaca, a town in Mexico.

Complex in flavor and aroma, this spirit can be made from 40 to 50 species of agave. The agave is distilled using underground fire pits that are fuelled by wood and charcoal. Mezcals generally have a better chance of tasting multi-dimensional than regular tequila because of this characteristic process. Although mezcals are thought to have a stronger flavor, they needn’t always be true. You're likely to get a spirit with an ABV of around 40% if you order a mezcal or tequila neat in a bar; this is the same as the vast majority of spirits sold worldwide. But comparatively, mezcals are more fun to sip!