Rye Whiskey

Rye Whiskey is a term that can be given to two types of whiskey. American whiskey can be considered a Rye Whiskey if it contains at least 51% rye. The other type considered a Rye is a Canadian Whiskey which is labeled Rye because rye was historically the grain used to produce it. Canadian Whiskey, unlike American Whiskey, has no requirement to use rye in its production and can still label their Whiskey Rye. Rye has a distinctive quality to it that some may say has a spicy or fruity flavor to it. Rye Whiskeys are generally associated with the northeastern states, but their popularity diminished greatly after Prohibition. Some brands survived but they are limited in number. Cocktails like Whiskey Sours and Manhattans contain Rye, which tends to make the drink taste drier than with using regular whiskey. One notable rye product is Rock and Rye, which is a fruit based liqueur made with rye and rock candy.