Vodka is the liquor that really deserves to be labeled the heart of the party. When it comes to parties, Occasion, or normal days, nothing beats the magic of classic vodka new york.  Vodka is a colorless liquor that is one of the most popular spirits in Eastern Europe and Russia, and it is one of the world's most popular liquors for its smoothness and its ability to mix with nearly anything. Vodka can be distilled from a variety of different bases including grain, potatoes, and beets. It is popular worldwide because the end result is reliable, well-known, and delicious, and there are many vodkas that stay cheap while retaining a pleasant taste. It is easy to find many fruit and flavor-infused vodkas which can be enjoyed either neat or mixed. When it comes to liquor, vodka has been the most popular choice among US citizens. According to a recent survey, Smirnoff vodka, vodka Pennsylvania, Tito's Vodka, vodka New Jersey, and vodka Manhattan are the most popular vodka.