Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is made from grapes originating in Bordeaux, France, and tends to be a tangy white wine with citrusy notes. Depending on the climate in which a Sauvignon Blanc was produced, its flavor can range from grassy to tropical. Some great Sauvignon Blancs are made in France, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Chile, and Brazil.


Flavors of Sauvignon Blanc

As with other white wines, the flavor profile of Sauvignon Blanc depends largely on its origin and climate. The best Sauvignon Blanc wines are elegant, crisp, and fresh, and it is often served chilled and paired with fish or cheese. Wines from cooler climates tend to be noticeably acidic and carry hints of grass, nettles, tropical fruit, or flowers. Wines from warmer climates often develop further notes of tropical fruits, grapefruit or peach, but must be made carefully to avoid losing aromatics on account of over-ripeness. Sauvignon Blanc wines do not age well, and are usually consumed early.