Described as an intensely aromatic liquid in warm tones of amber, this spirit is a creation born in the French town of Cognac. Following white grape harvest, the berries are pressed, vinified, and double distilled in copper stills to produce a fruit brandy. The aging process is done in oak wood barrels for a minimum of two years. Thus born is an authentic liquor from the heart of Cognac AOC in France.

The solution to a perfect bottle of cognac is the white grape variety which constitutes the central element. The grape variants include Colombard, Montils, Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc, and Sémillon. Owing to the limited geographic area of Cognac vineyards, the amount of liquor produced is seemingly constrained. In truth, Cognac makes up less than a percent of the total volume of alcohol sold worldwide, making it a true rarity in the global market.