Diabetes and Wine

Studies indicate that 6% of the population in the United States is diabetic and this number is rising every year.

To determine if wine is actually bad for diabetics than we have to research what is in wine. Wines come in many different styles from dry to sweet.

A dry wine may contain less residual sugar and can be included in moderation in a diabetic’s diet. The American Diabetes Association even states that an occasional glass of wine can rarely affect a person with well controlled diabetes. The only extra piece of advice is that diabetics eat while they drink.

Studies also suggest that diabetics may benefit from the effects of low cholesterol and improved cardiac health associated with moderately drinking. So a nice glass a dry wine once in a while won’t compromise diabetic health.

Some of the associated risks you might want to consider is that insulin lowers blood sugar levels and alcohol can actually prevent the liver from making sugars which may cause extremely blood sugar levels which is why they recommend eating during alcohol consumption.

These findings were founded by Thomas Donner from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He states most table wines have no immediate effect on blood sugar levels. As with anything, you must first speak with your physician because every case is different with different circumstances.

The symptoms of too much alcohol and hypoglycemia can be similar which involve sleepiness, dizziness, and disorientation so be cautious when drinking. Have your id band and always drink on a full stomach. Some of these tips can be useful so as always, enjoy.

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