Eco Friendly Wines

This day in age we tend to over medicate and over pesticide our fruits and vegetables and grapes are among the most pesticide laden produce. I think there is still research going on about the effects of pesticides on the human body. With all these unknown pesticides, it is no wonder why we have a need for organic eco friendly wines.

Organic wines are made from organic grapes that grow without added chemicals, naturally growing the way nature intended. Originally the term organic carried a stigma and people tend to avoid it like the plague but now a days it seems the demand for high quality natural organic foods have increased dramatically.

There are different things to look for on the label when looking for natural organic wine. With the loopholes in legislature, you have to be careful because that bottle of wine might say organic but might not be as natural as you thought.

100% Organic- this label means it is made from 100% organically grown ingredients and bears the USDA organic seal. Usually no sulfites are added.

Organic- This is not entirely organic. This would mean that 95% of the ingredients are organically grown while the other 5% isn’t and you will find the USDA symbol on the label.

Made with Organic grapes- This wine contains about 70% organic ingredients and sulfites might be added. You will not see the USDA seal on the label.

Biodynamic- This wine is the best of all. Made from 100% organic grapes plus the producer has gone that extra mile to grow the grapes a close to nature as possible. These guys make their own compost and use the astrological calendar to plan their farming.

So just be wary when you are reading the labels and make sure you don’t get swindled thinking you are drinking healthy organic wine when you aren’t. I hope this article helped you and as always, enjoy.

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