Hosting a wine tasting party

What better way to get people together than a good wine tasting party. There are so many benefits to hosting a party where you can share your thoughts and opinions on wine. It is a neat way to share your love of wine with a variety of new and interesting wines. You don’t need to invite a lot of guests and just keep it to those who would share the same appreciation of wine with you.

You can make your party theme orientated by picking a certain wine category. For instance maybe have a Super Tuscan party, A French Bordeaux party or mix it up and have an around the world wine party and experience wines from all over. Many people tend to associate the season with their party so if you are having a party in the summertime, then you would most likely have sangria or sparkling, refreshing, white wines. Be creative and ask your local wine merchant for recommendations. They can be a great deal of help and a great resource when picking your wine. By minimum, you should have about 6 bottles for 12 people and maybe other cocktails available after the tasting.

Once you picked your wine, you might want to decide what food to serve. If you are going with a theme, then you might want to follow through with food from the same region. For instance, if you are having a Spanish wine tasting then maybe serve some tapas with the wine to tie in the flavors of the country as well as the beautiful wine you choose. Cheeses, fruits, unsalted crackers, and other munchies should be available for guests. Nothing screams “Party” more than d’oeuvres. Another option available for guests is spit buckets and bottled water to clean your palate between wines.

Once you have the guest lists and your wines, one of the most important things is to serve your wine at the correct temperatures and know your wine etiquette. Learn about pouring and do some research so you can impress your company with knowledge of the region. Take notes of color, clarity, the legs, aromas, and all the other great things you have enjoyed about wine and share that with your friends….As always “Enjoy”.

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