Joining a Wine club

Joining a wine club can be quite fun and enjoyable. Whether it is a social get together to appreciate wine, or an internet wine club that offers great discounts and sends you bottles periodically, both can be great experiences.

The Social Wine Club

The social get together is great for meeting new people. A common appreciation can bring together friends and actually be educational. There is a lot to learn about wine and when you combine that with common conversations with friends, it is almost therapeutic. I have met many people who loved their wine clubs because many times they got to taste a wine they most likely would never have tried on their own. They learned the differences between a nicely aged bottle of wine and also became more familiar with the lingo sometimes associated with this industry. Terms like aromas, bouquets, to terms like Super Tuscans become more understandable. There are many free wine clubs where all you do have to bring is a nice bottle of wine. Another benefit is that most of the time consuming information about varietals and other topics are usually done by the leader of the club. You can find many of these groups on your social media sites like “facebook”, “Yahoo’, Etc.

Internet Wine Clubs

Internet Wine clubs can be a great way to sample and get the chance to experience wines both red and white that you otherwise might not have found. Another benefit is to get premium wines at great discounted prices. Many of these clubs have a variety of reasonable prices that anyone could afford and options on how frequent you could schedule your wine. One tip on joining these clubs is to find out the local laws of your state because many laws apply to different states and an adult signature is always required when receiving alcohol in the mail. Sample everything from award winning wines to some of the most popular wines on the market.

Both clubs offer a great chance and opportunity to explore and become a more educated wine connoisseur. Before joining a club, make sure you do some research and find out all the details before jumping in. Ask friends or even your local wine shop if they can offer any information about these clubs. Most times your local wine shop will have a wine club or a website where you can get discounts and offers. Last but not least enjoy yourself, joining a wine club should be fun and social with people just like yourself. So get out there and enjoy.

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