Jug Wines - The Little Things that Carry Their Weight

Jug wine is a term used for really large bottles of wine. Many people associate jug wines with inexpensive or cheap. These bargain priced wines aren’t really that bad in quality and are ideal for parties and events. One of the major companies that you will find selling jug wines is Carlos Rossi and Opici wines. In the late 1980’s, jug wines started labeling varietals to meet customer demand. These jug wines come in a variety of sizes like 3 liter, 4 liter, and also 5 liter box wines.

A jug is a type of container used to hold liquid with a handle and a spout used to pour or drink. Most jugs are made of clay, glass, and plastic. Native Americans made jugs by sealing the inside of woven baskets with a material called asphaltum. An empty jug was sometimes used in American folklore music as an instrument.

A variety of amusing jugs like the puzzle jug and the Toby jug were made to amuse and entertain bar patrons. One of the earliest examples is the Exeter puzzle jug which had many holes in the top of the jug and the goal was to drink the liquid inside without spilling any. The Exeter puzzle jug has a long history dating back to around 1300AD. These jugs were decorated with inscriptions like “fill me up with licker sweet for it is good when fun us do meet”.

Another type of jug is the Toby Jug, also known as a Fillpot. This pottery jug in the form of a seated person often a recognizable person of status like an English king was popular in the 18th and 19th century.

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