Portuguese White Wine

Not many people think of Portugal at all when they are thinking about wine, but Portugal produces many varieties of wine that can offer surprising and refreshing choices.  Portugal produces very popular port wines and Madiera, but they also provide the world with some delicious red and white wines that are equally tempting.

The vast majority of Portuguese wines are produced in the northwest part of Portugal.  These wines typically contain lower alcohol content with lots of acidity, and when compared to other wines they are described as refreshing, clean, and crisp, with hints of fruit and a touch of sweetness.  Red and whites are fantastic options, but the country might actually be most largely known for what they call their “Green Wine.”  

You might be most familiar with the Portuguese export called Vinho Verdes, which translates to “Green Wine” and describes the characteristics of the wine more than the color.  Vinho Verdes is actually a white wine and is named after the region where it is produced.  The region is in the northern part of the country, very close to the Atlantic coast.  

Some of the grapes that make fantastic Portuguese white wines are the Alvarinho and Loureiro grapes. Other white wines that may stimulate your palate are Lagoalva Espirito Branco (which is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc), Alvarinho, Verdelho, Arinto and Fernao Pires.  The Lagoalva wine region is located south of the Tagus River.  Most of these white wines from Portugal are perfectly paired when served with appetizers before a meal.  They are also sensational when enjoyed alongside seafood and light salads.