Ready Made Cocktails

Some of the more popular mixed drinks that were only found in bars are now readily available and pre made in your local wine and spirit store. I remember many memories of standing by the blender trying to figure out what ingredients were used in many of the drinks I ordered in the bar. Unfortunately I usually ended up with something purple and green super strong with alcohol, a horrible mix which always got poured down the drain. Luckily for me and probably anyone else who tried to experiment in their kitchen with their favorite liqueurs, they have pre made, pour and serve drinks.

Many Varieties Available

Many of the mainstream varieties like Margarita, and Mojito are available. Many companies offer their version of this popular drink. Jose Cuervo make a few different ones like Golden Margarita which is one of my favorites because it is not overly sour and the balance between the tequila and the mix are great. Chi-Chi makes a popular Margarita as well. The new trend is the “Skinny Margarita” which is made for those calorie counters who worry about eating and drinking healthier. The Skinny Margarita was made popular by a TV show which hosted housewives who lived extravagant lives. The end result of the popularity of the show resulted in the creation of Skinny Girl Margarita. There are Mojito mixes as well which has just the right amount of lime and all you need is some ice or just chill the bottle and enjoy it during those hot days of summer.

For those who enjoy creamy drinks, there are also a variety of pre mixed cocktails like Pina Colada and Mudslides. TGIF mixes branded after the popular restaurant makes a wonderful chocolatey Mudslide that will tame any sweet craving. I know I use to always mess up the amount of alcohol I would add to Pina Colada that I was given the knickname “heavy hands” I am grateful for these ready made cocktails and find it really convenient when it comes to having a party. A few of these different types, some ice and I’m ready to go. Bacardi makes a Strawberry Daiquiri which is incredible. There are ready made cocktails like Rum Runner, Mai Tai, Tuscan lemonade, Mexican mudslide,Long island iced Teas’s, as well as Sweet Teas which are the trend this year.


You can find these mixers just about anywhere. Even your local supermarkets have these mixers available and the best part is that they are very affordable. So next time you are having company or a BBQ or some get together, just buy these easy to make time saving mixers and your friends will appreciate it. It worked for me because I am now free from being called “Heavy Hands” and everyone loves my parties. You can find many of these wonderful mixed cocktail mixes at

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