Types of Red Wine

Many people when asked prefer red wine over white but many people don't know the different types of red wines there are.

Wines are labeled or classified according to the grapes and the areas they are produced from. Varietal wines usually have one variety and is named after the grape.

Many red wines share similar characteristics with slight differences that vary from area to area. Shiraz or Syrah is known for its dark color and rich fruity aromas. Syrah is one of the more common grape varieties. Depending on the area, Syrah is mostly used to produce a spicy dark and complex wine.

Zinfandelis mostly grown in the california area and is known for its depth of flavor. The sweet high sugar content can be fermented into a high alcohol content. These grapes are also used to make a white wine called white zinfandel which is rose in color and on the sweeter side. Believe it or not white zinfandel has six times the sales of red wine in the U.S.

Merlotis one of the most popular with people due to the soft and light and dry taste it has. This grape is most commonly used to make blends and other great wines. Merlot has a medium body with hints of berry plum and currant.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the best of the best and is highly known for its health properties. This is a worldwide acceptable grape and produces a very good dry wine. Most of the time it is fermented in old oak barrels which gives it a unique flavor.

Pinot Noir is one of the oldest grapes grown. Known for its smooth velvety texture it is a light wine and good to drink in warmer seasons.

Malbec is grown in warmer climates like Argentina and parts of France. The wine is known to have juicy fruit notes and riper tannins but yet softer and plusher textures. The wine is violet in color and is used in clarets. France also grows malbec grapes but tend to be bigger than those found in Argentina. In France it is also known as the rustic version of merlot.

Well these are some of the reds out there as well as a few more found in Italy like sangiovese and barbera. Hopefully this article will help you when you choose that next bottle of wine. This is Billy Wineheart wishing you good food, good friends and great wine.

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