Why are Wine Bottles Dark?

Ever read a review where they spoke about the rich red color of the wine only to find it bottled in a dark glass bottle. I use to wonder why wine didn’t come in clear bottles so we can see how good it looks. Sometimes you can tell if a white wine is bad by the darkness of it as compared to other bottles.

So I did a little research and found out many interesting things about the color of the bottle. There is a reason why they recommend a wine cellar or cave to store your wine bottles and that is because the conditions are cool and dark.

Most colored bottles have UV filters that prevent the sunlight from degrading and prematurely aging your wine. You will find a majority of red wines come in colored bottles for this reason.

Now many of the colored bottles are produced from tradition and so they follow the colors that have always been used. No matter what color the bottle is, test has proven that a darker bottle helps protect the degradation.

I believe you can find a similar argument with beer as well. Many of the bottles have distinct shapes for the style of wine they are. It is pretty easy to determine the style of wine and where it originated just from the shape and color of the bottle.

So I hope this is as informative as it was to write it. Thanks again and as always, enjoy.

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