Will Glass Wine Bottles be Replaced?

Wine being stored in boxes and plastic is nothing new. Since the beginning of history, wine has been transported in everything from wooden barrels, clay amphoras, exotic animal skins and etc. In recent times, innovative improvements on non glass containers have made it possible to replace our beloved glass bottles. One of the newest inventions making a come up since it hit the market has been the pet bottles. Pet bottles have been used in the past with small 25cl bottles and the 1.5 bottle from the south of France. Some of the popularity behind these containers is associated with reducing our carbon footprint.

Some of the advantages in using these bottles are that they are lighter. A pet bottle weighs 54 grams as compared to the 400 gram glass bottle. These bottles are also easy to transport and are recyclable. More bottles can be stored during transport which helps the carbon footprint.

Some of the disadvantages associated include a shorter shelf life due to the allowance of oxygen inside the bottle. Plastic bottles have always been frowned upon as cheap. Another fear is that plastic bottles may contain phthalates which can be harmful to the body and might be absorbed in the body.

So it is hard to tell if these plastic bottles will replace glass especially with people and the image of plastic containing wine. Glass has always given wine that elegant feel and superb classiness. Would you buy a plastic bottle of wine bottle? Only time will tell if plastic wins the battle of the bottles.

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