Ernest & Julio E&J Brandy

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#Ernest & Julio E&J Brandy
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#" . . . distilled and aged to demonstrate finesse and delicacy of California brandy . . . loads of fruit and varietal grape flavors dominate, with a light balance of butterscotch and vanilla notes recovered from carefully selected barrels used in aging . . . lightly bodied with a crisp clean finish. Scott DiSalvo, Brandymaster Description: Spicy, dried fruit, toasted oak and vanilla accents. VS could be sipped with various hors d'oeuvres. Brandy is an integral part of many popular food recipes. As a beverage, VS can be enjoyed by itself, over ice, or blended in an assortment of drink recipes. VS can be mixed with fruit juices, flavored and unflavored sodas, liqueurs and other distilled spirits."

  • Producer E&J Gallo
  • country United States
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