Chairman's Finest Selection Reserve White Rum 750ml

Chairman’s Reserve White Rum is a blend of three to four year old rums distilled in a combination of copper pot stills and a Coffey still and has been aged in American white oak casks. This white rum delivers refreshing citrus notes, complexity, and a balance creating the perfect foundation for cocktails and other mixed drinks. RUM BLEND: A blend of Coffey and pot stills MATURATION: Aged separately by batch and by type of still in ex-Bourbon barrels, then blended and rested in oak vats for an additional six months to finish. AGE: A blend of rums aged between six and eleven years. TASTING NOTES: Clear translucent color. Clean, refreshing citrus nose with hints of sweet raison and boiled sweets. On the palate dry at first then sweet raison with hints of cream, zesty citrus lime and a long balanced finish.