Don Julio Reposado 750ml

Tequila Don Julio Reposado sampled in a snifer on 6/4/09. A pale golden color. First nose was very unique. A mild kind of sweet oats smell which was very inviting and unusual. First taste was very much in line with the nose and almost a duplicate which is kind of rare to me. Musky and heavy with chocolate and vanilla elements. A nice warm medium body of balanced agave and alcohol tingle. This tequila has a very nice complimenting nose and taste that invites you to take that next sip. An excellent body and smoothness that leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste on the tongue. A medium duration finish with cinnamon toast and oak. Overall a very pleasant tasting which was satisfying but still more middle of the road than top of the line. It's steady and consistant which is not a bad thing but lends itself to being a bit uniform. The finish was the winner here smoothness a close second.