Villa Jovis Limoncello Premium Liquer 750ml

#Villa Jovis Limoncello 750ml
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#Villa Jovis has been producing Limoncello for the last 20 years and is a favorite of the locals in Sorrento, Italy. This hand made, small batch limoncello is of exceptional quality and only available in limited quanities. Infused only with Sorrento PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) lemons, the only lemons for authentic Limoncello and exclusive to the Sorrento region - 32% Alcohol by Volume (64 proof) - Premium alcohol, water and sugar - no stabilizers or colorants - Offered in a timeless, elegant 750ml bottle - Produced and bottled by hand in the peninsula of Sorrento, Italy, birthplace of Limoncello.

  • Size 750ml
  • Subcategory Limoncello
  • Producer Villa Jovis
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