Bachelorette Top Party Drink Favorites

It’s that time in your life when your friend is taking that big step over the broom and tying that knot so what better way to celebrate than to give her a memorable bachelorette party she will never forget. So you buy the party favorites and have your itinerary all set but you aren’t sure what drinks to have.

I have gathered some pretty cool drinks that might help keep the theme going and they are all pretty simple to make. Not too many ingredients are needed and the name will surely put a smile on your guest’s faces. There are a few rules you should remember before the big event.

One of the big rules is don’t get the bride drunk so she can remember this night and of course always take a taxi if you are drinking. I think the biggest suggestion I could give is to be there for support and let your bride to be shine in her spotlight, because after all, it is her night.

Below are some great drink recipes, check them out and try them on your big event.

  1. The Old Ball and Chain
    1. 1 Part of Cinnamon Schnapps or Gold Schlager
    2. 1 Part of Rumplemintz
    3. 1 Splash of Jagermeister
    4. Mix together with crushed ice and garnish with mint leaves.
  2. Blow Job shots
    1. 1/3oz. Kahlua
    2. 1/3oz. Irish Cream
    3. 1/3oz. Crème de Bananas
    4. Whipped cream
  3. Cockteaser
    1. 1 part Triple Sec
    2. 1 part Peach Schnapps
    3. 1 part Midori melon liqueur
  4. Hairy Virgin
    1. 2 parts Rum
    2. 1 part Triple Sec
    3. 2 parts pineapple juice
    4. Serve over ice and garnish with a cherry.
  5. Orgasm
    1. 1 part Kahlua
    2. 1 part Irish Cream
    3. 1 splash of Vodka
    4. 1 part Amaretto

These are just a few popular drink recipes for bachelorette parties. Please make sure you drink responsibly and enjoy your night. As always enjoy and live life to the fullest.

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