Summer Wine Recommendations

I absolutely love the warmer seasons and especially summer. Having the chance to throw on some shorts and a t-shirt and soaking up the sun feel so good. A time for some simple living and relaxation are also on the menu and there are some really good wines to compliment your carefree mood. Summer wines should be light, fruity and refreshing. Summer is the time to put away the complex full bodied, depth filled hearty wines and break out simplicity. Whether you are jumping in the pool, flipping burgers or just sailing away with the wind in your hair, you should have a wine to reflect your attitude.

A nice Rose to share with a loved one can re-spark romance and pairs well with that fresh fruit bowl. Another good suggestion would be a nice Vinho Verde to enhance the mood. A truly great inexpensive wine that is charming and young. Vinho Verde mixed with a little sparkling soda can make a great spritzer. Try Gazela or Famega white Vinho Verde. Both are reasonably priced with light fruity, peach, green apple flavors and are great with seafood. When it comes to red wine, I would suggest a nice light Pinot Noir. Gloria Ferrer Carneros Pinot Noir makes a great Pinot Noir which is also good to add to that old hamburger recipe bringing out the sweetness of the meat. My other suggestion would be a nice sparkling wine.

Sparkling wines are made for summer with their tickling bubbles. There are so many to choose from and are best served chilled. Try a nice Prosecco like Mionetto or Riondo, or go for a nice Nando Fragolino, that has hints of strawberries. Cava’s like Freixenet are also good to pair with salads and appetizers.

The last good wine on my list of favorites would be a nice sweet Moscato. Bartenura make a great Moscato that comes in a nice blue bottle and has such a clean, sweet taste that you could almost skip dessert and just drink the bottle instead. I think the best suggestion for summer wine would be to have fun. Enjoy the weather and share lasting moments with friends and family, so as always I wish you good friends, good food and great wine.

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