How to Become a Sommelier

If you don’t know what a sommelier is than maybe I can clarify things for you. A sommelier is someone that is trained and knowledgeable about wine. Also called a wine steward, sommeliers usually work in fine restaurants and they provide a service that differs from that of a wine waiter.

A sommelier is great with recommending a wine based on food pairings and can tell you the history of the wine. A wine waiter can just basically tell you pricing and what is stated on the back label. A real sommelier has a tastevin around his neck which is a small cup that they can judge the maturity and taste of the wine.

These cups were created by Burgundy winemakers to help them judge the clarity and color of a wine in a dim lit cellar. These tastevin had a shiny inner surface which helped reflect the light. Unfortunately modern technology made the tastevin obsolete. Some Sommeliers wear a ribbon around their necks to symbolize tradition.

So to become a sommelier is not too hard. There are different levels of sommelier which include master sommelier. The first court of master sommeliers was founded in London in 1977. There are still exams held to this day in the United Kingdon and North America.

There are four levels of certification and the introductory course is a two day seminar. To become a master is a little harder with different sections of testing which include standing in front of six glasses of wine and blindly identify them correctly.

Another part of the master test is in a restaurant where you are giving tips for correctly pouring and opening still and sparkling wines while being asked questions from the previous tests. The percentage rates of passing the masters certification is very low and very hard to pass but if wine is your passion, then you might want to consider becoming a sommelier.

A simple internet search will give you all the answers you need and think becoming a sommelier is a great certification to add to your resume. As always, enjoy.

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