How to serve Wine

I know you might not think it is difficult to serve wine and I guess anyone can pretty much pour a bottle of wine but there are a few tricks that might help enhance your experience and or your drinker’s experience. The idea is to get the very best out of your bottle of wine and these little tips may help you on your next wine serving adventure. It really isn’t too hard and the tricks are really some basic wine knowledge to help.

Wine temperatures

Believe it or not, some people don’t know what temperature to serve wine at. White wines are best served chilled but Red Wines are best served at room temperature. Many people don’t know this and they serve their red wine chilled.

Use the right Glasses

You can pretty much serve wine in a goblet or chalice if you wanted to but it is better to use a wine glass. Believe it or not wine glasses are designed to allow for oxygen to have a wider contact with the wine which allows the wine to breathe, getting better flavor and aromas out of your wine. There are glasses for all types of wines, liquors, champagne, etc. They are all designed to enhance the experience of the drink.

Use an Aerator

Allowing your wine to breathe is the best thing you can do to enhance the flavor of the wine. Aerators diffuse the wine and allow oxygen to open up the more floral aromas of the wine. There are other ways to allow your wine to breathe, another way is to use a decanter which not only has an aesthetic look but allows more surface area of the wine to be exposed to oxygen.


Don’t over pour your wine. The rule is to leave enough room in the glass so that you can swirl your wine around to see the legs of the wine. By swirling the wine, you allow the wine to breathe more which in the end gives you great flavor and aromas.

When you apply these simple and easy techniques, you will not only be able to enjoy your wine more but also your company will get to enjoy the experience and will most likely thank you later. So now you are on your way to making every occasion more memorable.

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