Which wines go well with pizza?

I think many people have asked or wondered what type of wine they should choose when they eat pizza.

You can Google it but the amount of answers you may receive may make you more confused than when you first asked your question.

To pair wine with pizza is not as simple as you think...

...There are many wines with different characteristics as there are pizzas with different styles.

You have to first find out what kind of pizza you may be eating.

  • What toppings?
  • What kind of sauce?

Once you have the menu down than you can choose the right wine that will complement the pizza.

I am a lover of all different types of pizza and think that it has to have been one of the best creations ever made (next to hot dogs of course…).

Many people like myself at one time thought that all Italian wines go well with pizza but there are a few others that might surprise you.

What if you were to get a non traditional pizza such as one topped with pineapples and ham, then you would want to try a Riesling or a sweeter wine to complement the pineapples.

If your pizza had onions and mushrooms then I would suggest maybe a Chardonnay to pair with the sweetness of the onions.

If you are a meat lover and want to put sausage and pepperoni than you might want to consider a nice Sangiovese or a Montepulciano from Italy or even a Pinot Noir to pair with the meat. It will not overpower the pizza and complements the mushrooms to bring out the earthiness of the taste.

I think one of the things or rules you should always consider is to not pay more for the wine than the meal.

Not all the pairings that you read may suit you.

Everyone’s palate is different and the best wine for you may not be the best for others.

Just writing about all of this is actually making me hungry.

So next time you have a pizza night for the family, try some of the suggestions and discover how wine can actually make food taste better.

As always this is William WineHart wishing you good food, good friends, and great wine..…cheers.

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