Best Wine Classes in Brooklyn

Best Wine Classes in Brooklyn


Here in America, we love our wine. For the greater part of the last two decades, the U.S. wine industry has seen continued annual growth and currently tips the scale at $70.5 billion, according to Wine & Vines Analytics. That doesn't even account for the more than $20 billion spent on wine imported into the country each year. 

This continued growth in popularity has led to the numerous wine classes popping up around New York, including Brooklyn. If you are up to date on Sirah, Shiraz, and Sémllion, you will want to check out some of the best wine classes that the city has to offer. Whether you are a sommelier or curious about wines, these classes will turn you into a wine authority in no time.

Where to Take Wine Classes in Brooklyn

If you have never been to a wine class before, Kevin Zraly's Advanced & Master Wine School Classes is the place to start. Kevin Zraly's wine classes offer in-depth education that isn't too long or annoying. A single class can run you at about two hours, and once you leave you'll know the difference in taste between a $5 wine, and a $500 wine.

Another reason you'll want to be sure to attend these classes is because not only are they ranked highly amongst critics, but Kevin Zraly has 43 years teaching about wine, and with that knowledge you can get key insight as to how to predictably find the best wine so you can truly engage with others in a compelling way.

Furthermore, it doesn't matter whether you're a novice or a master sommolier, there is something for you to learn here as well. You'll come out knowing better, buying better, and it comes with a guarantee - be sure to check them out.

Wine and Cheese Tasting in Brooklyn

Wine and cheese are one of the most iconic pairings in food. Understanding how the two can complement each other will go a long way towards enhancing your future meals. With so many different wines and cheeses on the market, the prospect of learning each pairing can seem daunting. Fortunately, there are plenty of wine and cheese classes to bolster your education.

WineO 101 is one of the most popular destinations for people interested in the basics of wine and cheese. As the highest-rated class in Brooklyn, attendees get the perfect blend of information, interaction, and fun. Tickets sell out fast, so you will need to book well in advance. also offers a wide range of opportunities to learn about wine and other spirits. The insightful classes cover everything from the history of wine in Italy to the popularity of the German Riesling. Of course, there are hyper-curated cheese selections to go along with your wine pairings.

Find a Class Today

Wine classes are a tremendous resource whether you are looking for something to do for a girl’s night out or want to hone your appreciation for vino. With so many fantastic options available in Brooklyn, you will be able to explore and learn the industry like never before. More importantly, when it comes to building a wine collection and finding the perfect pairing for your meals in the future, you’ll be able to spend your wine dollars more wisely.  

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