Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Grow an Adventure

Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Grow an Adventure


For more than a century, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has stood as a high watermark in urban gardening and horticultural display. The garden spans 52 acres in Mount Prospect Park and is home to more than 14,000 types of plants. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden welcomes nearly a million visitors each year to walk the ground, view the art, and participate in events and classes.

The gardens provide an oasis of serenity within the vast and frenzied New York metropolis. Whether you are interested in exploring the verdant displays or buying plants for your garden, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has you covered. Here is a list of what to see and do the next time you visit.

Events at the Garden

Get insider insight into the gardens, thanks to a Seasonal Highlight Tour. Free with admission to the grounds, local experts will guide you through the best and most exciting highlights. The tours emphasize different parts of the garden depending on the season, so you can learn something new each time you visit.

 If you enjoy the Harry Potter books or movies, do yourself a favor and check out the Botanical World of Harry Potter Tour. The tour brings the magic of the wizarding world to life, showing fans the plants, herbs, and shrubbery mentioned in the stories. We solemnly swear you’ll have an enchanting time.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is also home to Twilight Tuesdays. The event provides seasonal cocktails, special programming, and unbeatable views. Twilight Tuesdays run until the last week of September.

Classes at the Botanic Garden

Cultivate your children's love of nature with courses at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. There is a wide range of spring and summer classes for kids as young as two years old. Children have the opportunity to do everything from planting seeds to harvesting the fruits of their labor.

Or you can check out City Farmers for that first-time gardener in your life. The class teaches children the basics of horticulture so they can maintain a garden. Kids will learn how to bring their plots to life thanks to hands-on activities, cooking, and nature adventures.

Each summer, students can participate in a mini-photojournalism internship. The BCAPteen Summer Photojournalism Internship allows young people to explore art, nature, and culture through digital media. They will complete visual storytelling assignments and develop an online portfolio in the process too.

Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Today

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is one urban garden you don’t want to miss. The wealth of plants, activities, and events has helped bolstered New Yorkers’ connection to and appreciation of the natural world. No matter your age, there is inspiration to be found.

Make sure to check out the Water Garden, Discovery Garden, and the Lily Pool Terrace. You can also find a gorgeous lawn called the Cherry Esplanade, which provides some of the most scenic views in the whole garden. Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s website for more information.

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