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Beefeater Dry Gin Gift 1.75L

#Beefeater Dry Gin Gift 1.75L
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#"On this count, Beefeater succeeds swimmingly. Yes, Beefeater is 94 proof and does have some alcohol ester. Nevertheless, Beefeater remains quite smooth and very drinkable. It's dry, piney, and it has hints of herbal spice- orange coriander and angelica I'm told. It's a quality gin that goes well with grapefruit juice. With tonic and lime it is quite crisp and refreshing- good for balmy days. As for making a martini with it, I suggest shaking up two shots of Beefeater and 1 ounce of Vya Dry Vermouth. Vya's wild herbal taste well complements Beefeater's forthrightness and together they make a splendid martini. "

  • Size 1.75L
  • Producer Beefeater
  • country United Kingdom
  • region England