Chianti is a red wine named after the Chianti region of central Tuscany, in Italy, in which it was traditionally produced. The long history of Chianti dates back to the 13th century with the earliest records as it being a white wine. Today, this Tuscan wine is one of Italy’s best known and recognizable wines, and we have some of the largest selection of red wine New York has to offer. In the past, Chianti was bottled in squat bottles wrapped in baskets of straw, although now most producers just use regular wine bottles. Wines labelled Chianti Classico come from the biggest area of the region, including the heartland, and these are the only such wines allowed to carry the black rooster seal on the neck of the bottle. All wines labelled Chianti must be made of at least 80% Sangionvese grapes.Chianti Classici Riserva is a step up from Chianti Classico with it being aged in oak for 2 years, and then an additional 3 months in bottle before being distributed, thus giving it even more complex flavors.