Chianti is a red wine named after the Chianti region of central Tuscany, in Italy, in which it was traditionally produced. The long history of Chianti dates back to the 13th century with the earliest records as it being a white wine. Today, this Tuscan wine is one of Italy’s best known and recognizable wines, and we have some of the largest selection of red wine New York has to offer. In the past, Chianti was bottled in squat bottles wrapped in baskets of straw, although now most producers just use regular wine bottles. Wines labelled Chianti Classico come from the biggest area of the region, including the heartland, and these are the only such wines allowed to carry the black rooster seal on the neck of the bottle. All wines labelled Chianti must be made of at least 80% Sangionvese grapes.Chianti Classici Riserva is a step up from Chianti Classico with it being aged in oak for 2 years, and then an additional 3 months in bottle before being distributed, thus giving it even more complex flavors.

You may notice the letters DOC, DOCG or IGT on Chianti wine labels. They are part of the Italian wine classification system which is intended to generally provide a guide to the quality. For example, DOCG is considered the highest classification of quality, whereas DOC is the main tier for most Italian wines, and IGT just a step above your everyday table wine. Next time you’re in our shop, be sure to check the labels for more details.Chianti red wineis very flexible in terms of pairings and goes well with most Italian cuisine. The most well-made examples age in the bottle from 6-20 years, but most are at their peak between 3-6 from bottling.Chianti is usually best served in a tulip-style glass and at a temperature of around 16°C and 18°C (61-64° Fahrenheit). Chianti can range in price from $10 a bottle to upwards of $50 for higher-end versions, and we have many brands available for your particular occasion. 

Chianti is a medium-bodied, highly acidic and tart, ruby red wine with flavors of cherry, earth and tobacco. Chianti has a high level of tannin which provides its dry flavor. In the glass, it displays a beautiful red color with hints of bright orange – a hue commonly associated with many aged wines. Besides Sangiovese grapes, Chianti wines may also contain other wine grapes like Canaiolo, Colorino, Cabernet Sauvignon, and even Merlot varieties. It has a particular floral scent and is deeply savory on the palate. Because of its rich flavors and combined with high acidity and tannin, Chianti makes for an incredible wine with many foods. Read below for some unique pairings and come to our store, as we have some of the best red wine Manhattan has in any location! 

Chianti tends to go well with simple pasta dishes with tomato sauce, as well as antipasto dishes. Alternatively, a Chianti classico goes very well with meat dishes such as leg of lamb, lamb chops, roast beef, wild duck, venison and pizza with meat toppings. As for cheese pairings, Chianti Classico fits very well with fresh cheeses like English Cheshire, semi-mature Gouda cheese and even something like Italian Taleggio. Pizza is another favorite combination and works with all styles of Sangiovese, from lighter to richer Chianti varieties.No matter what your preference is forChianti Brooklyn will surely have a great pizza pairing!

Be sure to browse our fine selection of Chianti online or in our store. Purchase your favorites from our wide selection, as we have some of the best red wine New York has to offer!

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